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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, seidoo_ryuu!
Have a great and joyous day!!!


RIP, Leonard Nimoy!
Live long and prosper, whereever you are now!

Happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday, shewolfe !

Have a great and special day!

Yay, vacation

Only six days left until we're on our trip to the Black Forest.
I've been there three times back in the 90s, and I love this part of Germany the most, with its tall and dark pine woods, wild cascades and valleys and small villages.
So many things can be done there, from hiking to mining for pre-precious gems, siwmming in big lakes, glass blowing, riding roller coasters and enjoying the hearty dishes this area has to offer. We'll reside in a youth hostel, what is a former, traditional Black Forest farm house. I'll post pictures once we're back.

Can't wait for the six days to be over.

Another milestone

Last night I finished a (german) Sims 2 story I started in 2006, abandoned it due to a massive writer's block in 2008 and got back to it after New Year's day 2014.
Actually I thought I'd never finish this. I have no idea what happened during the last christmas holidays and what broke the writers block, but here we go. And imo the last/new ten episodes turned out even better than the previous 37. Maybe the massive break was important for my wrting, I dunno.

Anyways, it's done and I'm somewhat sad. Finishing a story comes not easy to me, I love my characters and it's like sending them away forever. Silly me, but I know there are more out there feeling the same way.

On the other hand, it makes room for new stories; Skadi already requested a new one. There's no lack of ideas, I already collected a bunch of storybooks, ideas, thoughts, etc. But tbh, I'd love to write the Kasati story Celia and I never got to role play. I know it would be awesome. Seems reading grrm's Song of ice and fire inspires me alot, lately.
So, thank you George. ;)

(If you feel like reading a german Sims 2 story, the link to it is in the sidebar. Enjoy.)

Life update

I know, I neglected LJ the last weeks, but there was not much to read either. Such a pity a lot of people moved on to other places, but it seems that's how things go.
I still refuse to use Facebook, so LJ is the only place I can unload some crap, whether someone is reading it, or not.

I'm glad winter is over. I suffered the usual winter depression, but it never hit me that hard like this time. Though I don't like it, I plan on going to a solarium next winter, hoping that will help a bit. I already bought a daylight lamp, but now with spring at the doorsteps my mood is becoming better and better daily and I don't need it.
I finally found a doctor for Skadi to treat her ADHD. Sadly I didn't find one to treat mine; the doctor who diagnosed me was not willing to continue, since I live in the state of Hesse and I need a doctor closer to my place. Fine, off to the next round of doc hunting :(

Freyja gave us a good shock; she's in hospital with a thrombosis. To make things worse, part of the thrombus wandered to her lung. She's doing better now and is able to breathe by herself. I just hope she's aware that she just cheated death and that she needs to change her lifestyle now. I don't know if she'll get another chance, if that happens again. I don't want my daughter to die so young :´(
Skadi is doing okay so far, she deals pretty well with the fact that her sister is seriously ill. The bunnies help alot with that, though. I'm happy the little fuzzy buggers are healthy and cheer us up with their frolics.

My car needs a repair, but that's just money. I'd rather spend the money to build a bigger compound for the bunnies, but first things first.

It's been one year and a month now that my real life friend Celia dumped me for no reason, but after a year of mourning she can bite me. Still hurts, though. Guess I better concentrate on my writing.

That's it, so far. Still enough to chew on.

Happy -belated- birthday!

Oh man, I totally forgot about this birthday! And I can blame LJ for this, because I did not get a notofication about it (and I'm terrible at remembering birthdays), so...

Happy belated birthday,  seidoo_ryuu !
Hope you had a great day!

And I'm sorry for being late!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday,  shewolfe !!!
I hope you'll have a great and special day!


Happy new year!

Happy new year and the best wishes for 2014!



Happy holidays!

I wanted to wish you all over the world happy holidays, no matter what way you celebreate it, or if you even celebrate at all.
Have a great and peaceful time!


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